Pentax K5 II vs Pentax K5s II

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Re: Pentax K5 II vs Pentax K5s II

audiobomber wrote:

I have decided to wait for the new 24mp APS-C, which should be available by spring. The K-5 II remains viable if the new body doesn't appear or has something about it that concerns me.

Funny, I finally decided to stop waiting and bought a K-5 II last sunday.

I reasoned that the upcoming body would cost upwards of 1500$, would be larger & heavier, not have really better IQ in low-light/high-ISO, and that the AF improvements would be not be worth the price difference for my usage (i.e. 11 points is plenty, I don't think AF-S can get significantly faster, and I don't use AF-C/tracking much).  Also, I don't need 24MP and processing these larger files would likely require a PC upgrade as well...

But maybe "gambled" would be a better word than "reasoned"

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