BH Photo return policy- only 200 shutter clicks max for returns

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Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
COSTCO not a good example

Yes, the aisles and return counter of COSTCOs are crammed with returned appliances, gadgets, and even food.  Some of the stuff may be months old.  Some of it the buyers may have ruined.   Some of it may have been used or abused for time periods well beyond any warranty.   COSTCO will llikely take the item back and give store credit or even cash.

But there is a catch:  COSTCO sellls only to "members" who pay an annual fee, and whom COSTCO expects to recoup occasional total losses on returned junk, because the firm can count on most of them to buy the better share of their food, dry goods, appliances, and so on from the stores in the future.

Furthermore, if the purchase history of any "member" shows serial return behavior, which entails a bad deal for COSTCO, they can simply cancel the membership card and say good-bye.

That could not possibly work for other sorts of stores.

Besides, COSTCO sells only a few camera models and it can probably get a good bulk price from liquidators to dispose returned items.

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