Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

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Re: Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

hikerdoc wrote:

This is the sort of issue that makes third party lenses look more attractive, an intangible not seen on MTF charts or lens reviews. While I have never needed service on any of my Nikkor lenses to date, one wonders what sort of "impact" I have encountered over the years. I have had a Sigma 85f/1.4 lens with focus motor failure when almost new. I sent it in and received it back repaired one week after I shipped it out, no questions asked.

Agree 100%.  Does seem like an intangible maybe worth exploring.

I've been pondering adding a 500mm lens to the set for wildlife shooting, but if Nikon is more often claiming "Impact damage" to their "pro gear" that probably will get some battering out in the field at some point later and then wanting nearly half the price to fix it, maybe the Sigma 500mm is the best plan?  Lensrentals seems to favor Sigma service over Nikon in their blogs, and Tamron even more so (3 days in shop!).

Nikon 500mm is $8,500 against the Sigma $6,000 list.  However, Nikon's repair price on a barrel would be outrageous if they quote $4,000 to fix that lens.  I'm leaning towards not having much faith in their 5-year USA warranty either.  Five years is a very long time to keep something "100% scratch-free and pristine" unless locked away in a safe and never used.  Hence some Nikon tech later saying, "I see some impact damage there, and a small scratch or paint chipped off there indicating abuse.  Warranty voided.  Please send us $4,000."  Friend's beat-up and scratched up Canon camera body got a free warranty fix that I'm sure Nikon would scoff at (He knocked the mirror out of it somehow.).  He keeps joking about borrowing my Nikon which might look like his "junk" in a couple of hours.

I may even take a harder look at the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 too. I was leery of a Sigma 70-200mm that was binding new at a dealer once over the Nikon which I bought.  Maybe Sigma might have addressed that part, but seemed like a bad idea back then.

Anyone know if Sigma's warranty covers going country-to-country:  i.e. a true international warranty without all the grey-market stipulations as with Nikon USA's "We won't fix a grey import at any price, warranty or not" thing?


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