Shutter count when shoot video - D7000

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It is...

io_bg wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Sort of...every time you go into live view the mirror rises and the shutter opens. That counts as one. Every time you take a still shot in Live View that count goes up one also. To start a video you enter live view and count goes up. Every time the shutter goes from closed to open your shutter count goes up by one. In could have a D7K with a shutter count of 48K without ever taking a single still exposure.

I agree it does on theory. I meant if the camera records into the EXIF the real shutter count.

That is the real shutter count that is recorded into's recording every time the shutter is actually opened. That is a shutter activation and what it's designed to record. You wouldn't want it recoding mirror rises or just the times a picture is taken because the life expectancy of the shutter is based on the number of shutter curtain activations, and not whats happens after the actuation...every time it opens counts as one. Hope that helps explain it better.  I'm sometimes horrible with words.

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