Sigma 50mm 1.4?

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Re: Sigma 50mm 1.4?

ncage74 wrote:

To be honest i was just about to buy the D600 but after researching there are two things that bothered me too much with the d600. One being the clustering of the AF points. 39 points would probably be fine but 39 points clustered right smack in the middle isn't.

I would suggest doing some more research before buying any FX camera then. All FX cameras have what appears to be very clustered AF points compared to a DX camera where they are spread all over the frame. The reason being that both FX and DX camera use about the same size sub-mirror for the phase detect system thus all the AF points fit within the DX crop of an FX frame. The AF points themselves also appear smaller for the same reason. Now, with only 39 points the D600 won't cover as much of the frame as 51-poiint camera, but in my opinion it's splitting hairs at this point. If AF points matter that much to you, switch to a new CAnon 5DmkIII or 1DX with 61 AF points.

My wife and I recently acquired a D3s in addition to our D300s. At times, we've found it would be nice to have the DX point spread but the majority of the time a little focus and recompose makes it a non-issue.

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