Viewfinder vs LCD - poll

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Re: Viewfinder vs LCD - poll

saschamagus wrote:

Am I in the minority if I say that I much prefer shooting pics using the LCD screen (especially with glasses)? And I do think Sony has a strong advantage in that field...

I find I use the LCD more and more, but mainly for getting all the low/high angles.. Especially over large crowds.. But the VF is always going to be my preference for most normal work.

I took this just held over my head, with a massive crowd, there was a guy with a non-articulating display precariously trying to balance on a shopping trolley to get the same 'height'.. It was impossible being about 4 rows from the front to not get a few tops of heads, but I could frame it perfectly with the LCD, so used MFNR as well (ISO3200)

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