S100 vs. SX260HS

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Re: S100 vs. SX260HS

Snap299 wrote:

I definitely prefer the S100 over the SX260HS, not to take anything away from the 260. My concern is that it seems like the lens error on the S100 is very common when compared to other Canon P&S. I've also read that many people send in their S100 2-3 times and it still breaks.

I have read a few comments on DPR of people who had to send in their S100 for the lens error again and at least one of them had a different lens error the second time. Obviously there is a bias on the forums for reporting problems, it could be that the people who experienced the 'lens error' multiple times are using it in special conditions or just have bad luck.

If you really worry about this, why not buy the S110? It has almost the same image quality (slightly less according to some tests, but I don't think you could see a difference in real life) and I bet Canon has solved this specific S100 lens problem in the S110. Repairing all these cameras it expensive ...

Problems with such small extending lenses occur with many brands and cameras, not just Canon (often because of dust that gets in the lens mechanism; the S100 lens error is caused by wrong construction of the lens).

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