Question about stabilizer modes on canon 100-400 lens.

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Loren Charif Veteran Member • Posts: 3,709
Re: Question about stabilizer modes on canon 100-400 lens.

hehe...join the club!  I've adapted an old line from college advertising:

A mind is a terrible thing to lose!


blogan wrote:

You know, I'm a dummy. I think I screwed up mode two when I typed it. I'm going to look again when I get home. I was typing in the dark and reading in the dark also. I tried reading, remembering, then typing. Obviously my memory is not what it used to be.

I don't think I have any short term memory left at all. I wonder If I can upgrade. Very sorry about the mis-quote.

But I believe you are write. It corrects the opposite to what you are doing. Panning vertical, it corrects horizontal, panning horizontal it corrects vertical.

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