Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Convert your SSD to a GPT disk first to use that utility

Well.. it is a brand new OS. So, it will take vendors a little while to get all of the "kinks" worked out.

For the most part, software that runs under Win 7 should also run under Win 8. But, with things like AV protection, there are going to be a few issues because of the way AV products install hooks at a lower level, until they refine the products to work better with the new OS.

Use of GPT (UEFI) disks by default also complicates things.

Programs that are designed to move Win 8 to a smaller SSD are also a bit sparse right now.  For example, the current version of a Program that Paragon offers for that purpose won't work with Win 8.  But, they say the upcoming version 3 will (but, there is no telling how long it will take before version 3.0 is released):

But, the one I mentioned earlier is supposed to work with Win 8 now (I found a few forum posts about using it for that purpose).

I still can't figure out why Dell Datasafe won't work though.   I'd see if deleting everything on the SSD lets it work (use MS Disk Management and remove the NTFS partitions on it first and see if it lets you restore to it).

If not, try the wizard again in the partition manager I linked to with nothing on the SSD.

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