Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Convert your SSD to a GPT disk first to use that utility

Hey Jim,

In the BIOS under the Boot area is where the Secure Boot setting is I am referencing and yes Dell did send it to me disabled.

Right above it is the only setting in the BIOS for the UEFI.  Don't remember exactly what it is called but is is USB something.  It's options are UEFI or Legacy.  When I tried Legacy yesterday it would not even boot off of the USB stick but when set to UEFI it would.  There is nothing in the BIOS the references UEFI ROM.

So far this has been a total pain in the butt.  Went to install Symantec anti-virus last night on it and it did work as I'm normally used to.  And this is something I do all the time at work.  I get the software from a DOD site as a compressed file, save it to CD and then take it to the stand alone computer for install.  Normally I extract all files to the desktop and install from there.  Well for whatever reason it would only extract one folder from the compressed folder and with no files in it.  Tried the process repeatedly.  Finally gave up and just installed directly all the CD.  Still this is not how I am used to windows working.

I mean I expected to have to work to get all my color calibrations up and running again but not just to install programs.  And I haven't even started with photoshop, my Canon and Nikon programs or MS Office.  I just can't wait to see what problems crop up there....

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