E-pm2 disappointment

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Re: E-pm2 disappointment

The whole trend towards everything being 16:9 is nothing but annoying.  To start with, most photos aren't 16:9. I might want to shoot 16:9 sometimes, but most likely 3:2. Prints aren't 16:9.  Movies are 16:9, but if you have a 16:9 screen with a movie on it then there is no room for controls unless you reduce the size of the movie or overlay the controls. Apple got it right with the 4:3 ratio in the iPad, and Asus used 16:10 on the Transformers to leave some space.  Another annoying consequence is that almost all consumer LCD panels are only 16:9 now, so there is no choice. A "widescreen" photo viewer is useless for most photos; who buys those?, and 16:9 panels being used in monitors are all only 1920x1080 resolution now even if they are very big. My older monitor has a different ratio and higher resolution, but very few of those are available now and only at much greater cost. It is an annoying trend to force the 16:9 aspect ratio that is just going to continue apparently just so that they can slap "wide screen" on products. There isn't much use for 16:9 except in viewing movies full screen.

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