R3000 drivers/firmware version mimatch (EU vs US)

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UPDATE2: R3000 drivers/firmware version mimatch (EU vs US)

NeroMetalliko wrote:

NeroMetalliko wrote:


My R3000 is an EU model, my PC OS is Win 7 64 US (because I prefer the US version).

In the Epson EU(UK) site I found the latest drivers v6.74:


Which I have want to install (currently runnig v6.73).

Not pleased regarding the Paper Media names difference mismatch between US and EU drivers I decided to look for the US drivers one, but surprisingly the latest available US version is still an old v6.71:


and this is disappointing.

In addition I wonder regarding the firmware versions mismatch (reversed this time)

EU (old): FW rev. AS27B4:


US (newer): FW rev. FR11C5 (with AS27B4 listed as previous one)


Not to mention that I currently miss the Epson Hot Press Bright profile in the Media Type list of the driver, the EU ICC download (named "SPR3000 Hot Press Bright.icc" is only an .icc file to be installed in the usual spool/driver/color folder.

I then tried the US .icc installer and found a different profile (named "SPR3000 HPB MK v1.icc") placed in the above folder but still no dedicated entry in the Media Type driver list. (?)

Can someone enlighten me on this confusion?



A short update:

Checking for drivers update from my installed drivers utility (v6.73 eu) showed NO available upsate despite the fact that v6.74 eu are available.

After that I uninstalled all the printer sw and reinstalled only the US 6.71 drivers package.

All was fine, the Hot Press + EEF entries are now present on the Media Type list and all the paper names are now US (which I prefer).

In the spool\drivers\color folder there was still no "SPR3000 HPB MK v1.icc" profile present, I have installed the US .icc installer to get this there.

Printer firmware is the US latest FR11C5 (the US firwmware updater worked without problems even if my printer is EU model).

Now I'm still wondering why there are no available US v6.74 updated drivers (tried from the driver utility an none showed up)...

And all this EU\US issue is a real no-go for me,

what do you think?


Further update:

I removed the 6.71 US driver and installed the 6.74 EU driver: nice to note that the Media Type entries now includes the Hot/Cold + EEF and it seems that the other names are still US-type (good). So currently on a US OS and a EU printer I have the latest 6.74 EU dirvers and the latest FR11C5 US firmware. The .icc I have still installed manually in the spool/driver/color folder and I choosed the EU version (same as driver).

Let me see if with this "mix" all is working fine in the next days...


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