The two sides of the wildlife & BIF and m4/3s argument

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Re: The two sides of the wildlife & BIF and m4/3s argument

IMO, equipment is just one facet of photography and by far not the most important.  As I see it, what's required for a great photo is, in this order:

1- The moment - You have to be at the right place, at the right time, ready to take the shot.  This is part luck, part knowledge and often a lot patience.

2- The photographer - his determination, expertise, talent and artistic sense.

3- Post-processing - one has to extract the maximum from the raw image and compensate for the weaknesses of his equipment and those of the image itself.

4- Equipment - Yes it is important, but not that much and there are ways to compensate. No long lens, get closer - no fast lens, wait for the sun - no tripod, use a bean bag - no budget, get used equipment - etc.

The problem with equipment is that there is so much written about it that it makes us believe it is of the outmost importance.  In fact, the volume of written material about photography is in reverse order from my list above.  However, if you remove the duplications, the insignifiant, the falseness and the advertising, there is not that much.

Also, let's not forget the manufacturers who release new models each year or so and do their best to make the old ones obsolete.  And advertising that tries to make believe nothing happens until you get the best and latest.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in having great equipment.  Yvon Deschamps wrote, in French: "Mieux vaut être riche et en santé que pauvre et malade".  It is better to be rich and healty than poor and sick...

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