The new 35f18 is very good for hand held in low light

Started Dec 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
spacemn Senior Member • Posts: 1,718
Re: Here is a quick sample I took last night. Hand held! :-)

Jagdon wrote:

Here is my sample. My lens arrived by post and on the way back from collecting it I took this pic, just to give you an idea of the clarity.

Jagdon wrote:

It is night time in Brisbane Australia and am back from testing my new lens. Hand held in low light is very good. I am impressed. The focus is quick too. My 24f1.8 will have to step aside when the sun goes down. The server has dropped out each time I tried to upload my sample. Will try tomorrow.

Quite fantastic that you re able to get a sharp hand held shot at 1/6 sec. With the SEL24/1.8 I can probably get regular sharp handheld shots at 1/20 sec, and 1/10 sec can happen if I hold my breath and are lucky. Are you able to get sharp shots like this regularly at 1/6 sec and can you get even slower?

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