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Re: The M8 is still amazing... Here is why (with samples)

"The M8 is also slightly sharper than the M9 do to the lack of internal UV/IR filter."

I've seen some people state this before- The M8 has a thin IR absorbing glass filter on the CCD. It absorbs most of the IR light that would otherwise hit the CCD. I have not done a measurement, but it is "most". I've done some quick tests using a full-spectrum camera, modified Olympus EP2, the M8, and M9. The M8 with a "Hot Mirror" (UV/IR CUT) filter has less IR contamination than the M9. I'll repeat the test with the M Monochrom.

The filter used on the M8's KAF-10500 is 0.5mm thick. The M9 uses an IR absorbing glass filter that is 0.8mm thick. I believe the filter used on the M9's KAF-18500 is an improved IR absorbing material. The M8 images are more "crisp" than the M9 with the same lens.

The M8 is under-appreciated. I'm keeping mine.

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