Gorgeous, film-like noise of 6D

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Re: Gorgeous, film-like noise of 6D

plasnu wrote:

Sorry, but the noise you are looking at is form your scanner, typical digitizing noise. If you print optically, the noise looks pretty different.

And your scanner has much less chroma noise than your digital cameras, although I agree that 6D has less chroma noise than the other camera.

Fair enough! Well, it's very different to the original image scanned. I'd love to print the same image one day optically.
I enjoy shooting a bit of film sometimes, it's just fun, having the option of all different types etc.
I think in the end, I'll enjoy the fact that I can get useable shots up to the full (and absolutely ridiculous) ISO 102,400. It's got little to no banding, which was really the only problem I had with my previous camera and low light shooting.

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