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Re: 6D AI Servo tracking

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Timbukto: I hope you continue to enjoy that E-PM2. I suppose I shouldn't be all that surprised that set AF points would be disappointing after having free range over the entire frame with my GX1. I suppose the tradeoff is the ability to get shots in dim lighting where the contrast detect AF in Micro Four Thirds lose their minds and just make blurry photos.

djrocks66: True, but I'm likely to stick with primes for the time being, and Canon's 50mm f/1.4 or Nikon's f/1.8 represent the sort of affordable prime I'd likely have on hand immediately after purchasing either camera. I understand my experience may not be completely representative of an entire population of camera users, but it doesn't stop one from drawing general conclusions. I can't imagine a [mechanically] faster lens would help much for the metering and AF systems these systems use.

The lens makes a HUGE difference, in fact. If you put any USM tele (like a 70-200mm f4 L USM) or for instance the very affordable 85mm f1.8 USM on the 6D, you will get how good these cameras are with AF tracking.

So, while your own perspective is understandable, just know that the AF system performance regarding tracking is very lens dependent.

I think the performance must also be operator dependent. My old 400D which was used on "One shot" AF only was upgraded to a 6D last Friday. This new camera has come away on a family beach holiday with only an iPad to pore over the results.

Today I spent some time tracking my 2year old son carrying buckets of water on the beach - not as demanding as birds in flight or multiple footballers criss-crossing each other! AI Servo was used on default settings, at 280mm using 70-200 F4 IS with 1.4X extender, F5.6. If I was able to keep the centre point on the target, the yield was reasonable. However when I tried deliberately straying onto any of the other points I invariably lost him and ended up focused on the trees some distance beyond him. The AF points are often criticised for being too close together, but they seem awfully far apart when trying to pass a target from one point to another.

I am currently poring over the manual to customise the AI Servo settings. My thoughts were:

C.Fn II -1: Tracking Sensitivity to the side of "Locked on" rather than "Responsive".

C.Fn II -4: AI Servo 2nd Image Priority: Priority on focus rather than speed - should reduce my wasted shots I think.

I will have to play with the acceleration / deceleration tracking (C.Fn II -2) - may need to vary this depending on the expected pattern of movement?

If anybody has some good advice on optimal settings AI Servo servo settings for tracking a single child on foot or scooter taking a fairly predictable course without too many distracting trees or other people I would be grateful.


Also, by the way, in how good the outer AF points are. You will notice (with the 6D) that outdoors, with again for instance a 70-200mm f4 L USM, that the outer AF points will be quite accurate and responsive too.

nalax: For my hands, the front of the handgrip feels pretty much the same for my middle, ring, and pinky fingers. The rear of the camera puts pressure on the saddle joint of my thumb in my palm, and it just feels uncomfortable regardless of how high or low I position my hand on the grip.

Thanks for reading and providing feedback.



Did you try any without the TC? Just asking because the TC usually slows down the ability of the les/camera to track. What you describe sounds pretty normal for a lens/TC combo. I would be curious how the 6D does just with the lens.

Cheers MIke

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