How good was the A200

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Re: How good was the A200

matts1809 wrote:

I have become worried about taking the A65 onto my boat for waterski shots, I have seen an A200 on fleabay so it has got me wondering.

Will the A200 work with my 18-135 & 16-50 lenses?

Was the A200 any good for sports?

Is there any inherent problems with the A200 That I should be aware of?

Will it be a good tool for my kids?

There does seem to be a lot of A350 out there should I wait for one of them to go for the right price?

Any info will help thanks

If you are worried about your camera becoming wet, buy a waterproof case for it. You can get them on ebay.

You have an A65 and are wondering if your 18-135 & 16-50 lenses will work on an A200? We've said it before & we will say it again;  every single Maxxum/Alpha mount lens will work on a Sony body. Yes they will work.

Is it good for sports? No. The max FPS is generally 3FPS and the review and all specs of teh camera are here on dpreview

Inherent problems? None.

Good tool for kids? Yes, if you want them to start learning photography using a digital SLR. Though I must admit that I believe everyone should learn using an old manual film SLR before hand (it helps to understand exposure)

A350 is a little more camera than a A200, live view and such. That choice is yours. If you don't need live view, save a few bucks.

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