Anyone else wishing/waiting for a D750?

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D3 to D600 to D700....Please read and respond.

vladi1234567 wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

Nikon will never do the D3/D700 thing again. Iam convinced Nikon lost many D3 sales to the D700. It wont do anything like that again. Maybe at the time Nikon thought it had too to keep sales from going to Canon. But now thats not a problem with both high rez and better noise control.

Granted your not asking for the D4 sensor but you are basiclly asking for a higher rez D4 at a way LOWER price. Wont happen. The closest you might get is a D400 with a DX sensor and shoot at 8 fps with 51 point focus. But no way a FF like that.

Agree 100%.  With the D600, Nikon built out and "fixed" it's FX product strategy.  If you are a working pro, Nikon says, "Need high resolution for stills/portraiture/product shots, here's the D800.  If you need high FPS for action shots, here's the up".  If you are in the "enthusiast" crowd pining for FX and more resolution, "Get the D600 and BTW, enjoy the Xmas pricing".

Canon has 5D3 - which is a higher resolution 1Dx at a way lower price - nobody seems to say that 5D3 is taking sales from 1Dx.

But personally, I owned a D3s for a year, and I just got rid of a D600 after a few months - I prefer my D700 to both of these cameras. If D750 is released tomorrow - I probably would not go for it at all - I would wait with buying a new Nikon until after my D700 functions no more. I love it.

This is the part of the posting that caught my attention because I believe it may reflect my own sentiments (and fears).

A little background, I am not a pro, just someone who has been shooting for over 30 years and has the passion.  I purchased a D300 4 years ago and still love the camera.  I bought a used D700 earlier this year and love the camera.  It is overkill for an "enthusiast" but the D300 has spoiled me.  I have become acustomed to the handling and features of a pro or "near pro" level camera.  The D700 just took it to another level.

The D800 did not really interest me due to the price and what I perceived to be MP overkill.  The D600 has intrigued me from its launch but the fact that it is basically a blown out D7000 body has given me pause.

Well, like many others, the discounts announced last week end were irrestible.  Within 1 hour of receiving the announcement on Friday from Nikon in my email, I pulled the trigger and ordered the package deal from Adorama for $2000.  The new D600 should arrive tomorrow afternoon.

When ordering the D600, my thoughts were to post the D700 on either ebay or craigslist but haven't done that, yet.  In the meantime, I wouldn't say that I have buyer's remorse but realize letting go of the D700 is not going to be easy.  Then reading your post reinforced a nagging question I have had from the very beginning about the D600...will I be happy using a D600 or will I become frustrated in the handling of the D600.  The additional resolution will be great but concerneded about the handling.

What I am asking, could you expand a little more on why your likes and dislikes with each camera?


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