So you guys liking the new MODS that are reaking their newly assigned duties

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And to all a good night! [almost]

Detail Man wrote:

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All that is clear to me from recent events, and statements made surrounding those events, is that DPReview is for whatever reason(s) not committing resources towards the employ of paid staff in order to accomplish the assigned task of carrying out the desires of management, and after the better part of one years time spent approaching various individuals requesting unpaid volunteer help, what readers now witness may be indicative of what they may expect to witness in the future.

If one considers the number of unpaid volunteer moderators, three per forum (one person couldn't be expected to cover a forum 24 hours per day), each assigned to cover between 2 and 3 forums, there are possibly slightly more volunteer moderators than there are forums. If DPReview was to employ paid staff instead, that would amount to a staff of more than 60 full time workers, and something tells me that while Amazon's wallet is well stuffed, they'd never agree to such a large expense.


Time may indeed tell which parties may be speaking in "platitudes". The term "platitudes" generally refers to concepts which fail to "work" in actual practice. Perhaps it may "work" for some people ...

Your reply did go on and on, with far too much on the platter to consider dealing with point by point. Time is money too, and I couldn't afford to make such an heroic effort.


[almost] Someone else can have the dubious honor of posting the final reply, if OP+150 is the new limit.

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