Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

SirLataxe wrote:

at would it consist of?

When I attempt to recover highlights with the above-mentioned tools (or now with Silkypix equivalents) a truly-blown highlight stays white. If there is recovery via data left in one or two of the RGB channels (eg if a blown highlight is not really white but very pale yellow, say) the recovered areas are often queer shades of grey. But they do add-back some shape or texture where there was none before.

SirLataxe, busy learning the Silkypix tools - have you tried the wunnerful WB circle control or the equally clever skin tone fixer? Very clever processing and a very usable interface, Mr Pix!

It's an interesting area to explore no doubt - providing you have the time of course.  SP manual   Chapter 10 I find excellent and it fills in a lot of blanks for me...and facilitates understanding of the finer software controls despite the unusual naming. 10.1.9. How to Take Advantage of Dynamic Range covers data recovery...

Okay, it seems I can pull in up to 1.3 EV for a shown blown white on a 0 EV displayed image and recover some detail but of course you have to compensate overall with gamma etc.. however the Highlight Controller is another parameter that can be brought into play - an initial exploration seems to indicate good results with an interaction of both.

Basically though, at the business end of course its use the histogram as normal with ETTR helping providing you don't go too close to the edge.

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