Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

ChrisJS wrote:

Many use a small amount of - EV with JPG's to avoid some blown highlights.

Just a note that with RAW I would suggest using 0 EV or experimenting with ETTR technique.

From Silkypix manual... "Even in case of taking a photograph in RAW format, the most idealistic way is to take a picture at the maximum exposure level that image sensor linearity can be secured. Because a noise increases and a picture becomes rough when a photograph is taken in underexposure."

With my FZ200, I think the cameras can record not only the region represented as white when the exposure bias amount is 0, but also a brighter region in RAW data.

If there are blown highlights at say 0 EV, detail can be recovered within these areas up to around - 1.3 EV or put another way the camera has recorded the RAW data with an allowance of 1.3 EV or put nother way, the upper 1.3 level of sensor's dynamic range has not been used.

Would I be right?

For what its worth, a simple example video illustrating pulling back EV, HDR & Black level controls in SilkyPix [5] - Ideally you nned the 720 resolution and zoom your browser - keep an eye on the Histogram ....

Kind Regards

Troll Note: Just an illustration that some might find interesting - ACR will do the same probably easier with localised brushes but NR is a different matter...


I recall reading an explanation about AdobeCameraRaw's ability to pull detail out of apparently blown highlights that went thus:

  • In an RGB image it may be that not all three colour channels go to 255 (in 8bit terms) within apparently blown highlight areas.  If there is still some information in one or two of those channels, ACR can use it to reconstruct some detail when the  "recovery" tool is used to reduce brightness at the very top end of the tone curve.

Can there be other hidden data in fully-blown (RGB all 255) highlights?  If so, what would it consist of?

When I attempt to recover highlights with the above-mentioned tools (or now with Silkypix equivalents) a truly-blown highlight stays white.  If there is recovery via data left in one or two of the RGB channels (eg if a blown highlight is not really white but very pale yellow, say) the recovered areas are often queer shades of grey.  But they do add-back some shape or texture where there was none before.

SirLataxe, busy learning the Silkypix tools - have you tried the wunnerful WB circle control or the equally clever skin tone fixer? Very clever processing and a very usable interface, Mr Pix!

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