Some shots from the Voigtländer 17.5

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Re: ND filter

I have very little experience shooting with filters. But with this lens I soon discovered the benefit, since a wide open shot in daylight is bound to be overexposed. I bought a Prozigma ND4 filter (multicoated), and it does what it's supposed to do. Totally neutral, I can't see any cast, and it's strong enough to be used in sunlight wide open if you want to. A week ago I also bought a circular polarizer (mineral glass), from Cokin, on sale, very cheap, but not sure I like it so far, it seems to have an ever so slight blueish cast.

Anyway, I think the ND4 filter is used for all of the outdoor photos here, actually (i.e. all of the photos except "Smoke...", "Løfsebaking", and the last one.).

@brudy: Yes, I've also heard good things about the 35/1.2. My entry into manual lenses was its little brother, the Voigtländer classic 35/1.4, which I used with an adapter on a NEX-3. I loved it, especially for the colors, and the compactness, and I learned a lot from using it. But with a little more experience now I see more of the imperfections and softness. The 17.5 is much sharper on the E-M5 than the 35 was on NEX. I still have the 35 with a cheap adapter on the E-M5, but there it seems so soft as to be nearly unusable. Not sure if it's got to do with the adapter, if it's simply a function of using only the smaller sensor area, or my eyes becoming more discriminating.

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