It was not an assault rifle

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Let me tell you about weapons like this...

Princess, let me tell you what this rifle is designed for and what it can do. It is designed for killing people, it uses a 5.56mm standard round - that's NATO standard, which is used in NATO small arms in many Armies, and many weapon systems. The muzzle velocity is likely to be in the order of 1km a second and it is capable of firing 5.56mm armour piercing rounds, yes you read that right, armour piercing. A good shot should be able to hit a man more often than not at 300 metres with iron sights (not optical sights which would make it even more accurate). At 200 metres in the prone position it's like shooting fish in a barrel and at 100 metres and less it's harder to miss.
I've seen this weapon described as a "small game" rifle. This is complete and utter BS, unless you consider a full grown man (any size, including body armour) as "small game".
The only difference between this and a military grade weapon is that it does not shoot on fully automatic. That is to say you cannot hold the trigger down and the weapon will just keep firing until the magazine is empty. But here's the thing, even in combat it is very rare for such a weapon to be used in this way. It's makes the weapon more likely to miss the target and uses ammunition at too great a rate. The main exception might be if you were using it for suppressing fire in a section attack and you had shed loads of ammunition. Shooting in repetition mode is the standard method of firing a weapon like this - even in the military.

Anybody who think's it's a good idea to have weapons like these in a civilised society, and in the hands of anyone who doesn't have a criminal record, is completely insane and doesn't understand anything about the frailties of humans and human nature. They also either don't understand, or don't care, how devastating a weapon like this can be in the wrong hands, single shot or not. I do, because I teach people how to use them.

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