getting rid of dead pixels on Nikon D600

Started Dec 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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debaja New Member • Posts: 3
getting rid of dead pixels on Nikon D600


I just got rid of a modestly irritating dead pixel in the smack centerof of my D600 sensor!

it was modestly irritating because I would see it every time I zoomed to the max to check focus.

It was really dead, even visible at ISO 100.

What I did, is 2 things:

1.-take a dust reference photo

2.-trigger an automatic sensor dust cleaning

SLRs are known to be able to map dead pixels , but the functionallity is often hidden. ( select manual sensor clean for longer than 30 seconds on canon SLRs...)

I don't know what did it, but the fact is that it is GONE!!! ( I admit, it might have been a quantum coincidence, who knows).

If you have a dead pixel, can you reproduce what I did and let us know if it worked for you?

I will also re-post if it comes back ( zombie pixel then )

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