Bought the Sekoinc 478D and Regretting it :(

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Re: Bought the Sekoinc 478D and Regretting it :(

antares103 wrote:

John Deerfield wrote:

My limited experience with the meter does not leave me impressed, but I would not dismiss it solely based on a single instance of a cracked screen.

I think the dismissal of the meter is more because Sekonic, at least initially, wasn't going to reapir it under warranty. If the meter is simply in a camera bag and a body/lens/flash/whatever, can hit the screen and break the LCD behind that glass and then not have Sekonic repair it shows amazingly bad judgement on Sekonic's part. I wouldn't buy one based on what I have heard, there are other options available.

If the screen came in direct contact with a lens or body or anything else, I would EXPECT it to break. If such was the case, I would most definitely side with Sekonic's decision to not repair it. If it was in its own case, segregated from heavier items and still broke, then there may be some merit for concern. However, LCD screens don't just crack on their own. Or perhaps as time goes by, we will here more cases of this, and find there really is an issue.

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I would like to clarify a few things

a) The meter was kept safely in its pouch inside a seperate padded enclosure in my Lowepro camera bag.

b) It was no way under pressure from the lens or the body because i dont keep them too close.

c) Iam  very possessive about my things so i dont even let my assistants handle anything except the lights and tripod.So its a single user product from day one.

d) Initially i connected the meter to the PC using the provided  USB Port with Sekonics  Data transfer software 3.0 to update the firmware as per sekonics advice.Guess what as soon as i opened the rubber cover for the USB port..The entire rubber grip on the side came peeling off.Its not properly attached to the side.

e) Lastly .I feel its a fair deal if Sekonic actually examines the meter and if it finds user error or any signs of internal damage instead of outrightly dismissing it as user error without even opening it !! .If its my mistake thenĀ  I will be glad to get my meter back repaired ,even if its not under warranty.Because iam having a tough time doing multile lighting set ups without a light meter



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