Unlimited Online Storage?? Too good to be true...

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Re: Unlimited Online Storage?? Too good to be true...

Here is what i am doing with my all my data (pictures, music, videos, movies, etc..).

Running Windows 8 pro on my desktop and make a hard drive using Storage Spaces (Storage Spaces combine multiple hard drives of various sizes into one "big" drive).  Using Storage Spaces will prevent me from losing data in event of hard drive failure.  Google storage spaces for more info about how it work and setup.

Once i have my "big drive" setup and running with all my data.  I use a cloud service to back up my data to the cloud, obviously protect my data from my desktop being stolen or hardware failure.  I only back up important data to the cloud because i cant afford the cost of a terabyte of data.

The investment for the setup is quite expensive due to hardware cost and software but in the end, those family vacation photo and videos are priceless and irreplaceable.

If you are afraid of cloud services going bankrupt then use big name company, amazon, dropbox, and google drive.  These are big company and wont likely disappear.  Google seem to have the best rate right now.

Also you can check out https://pogoplug.com/  You get unlimited storage for $5/month.  I am not sure about the reputation of the company though.

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