NEX-6 Apps vs. Built-in Functions

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Tom Hoots
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Re: NEX-6 Apps vs. Built-in Functions

shaolin95 wrote:

You are looking at only one side of the coin. Apps is a great way to get new features later on that were not built into the original product instead of having to buy a new updated version again. Like the upcoming Time Lapse one for example.

I love the idea of apps and hope they push it.

Oh, I see the other side -- as has been mentioned, I'd sure like to see it all opened up so people could write tons of new things.  I sure don't expect that Sony will build my little dream color app.

Still, the app interface is clunky at best, and to see features come in that way rather than via firmware updates and built into the menus where they really belong is a real disappointment.  If Sony could add its stuff via proper firmware updates, and leave the whole app idea up to third parties, I'd sure prefer that.

Tom Hoots

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