Refurbished D600's showing up already

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Re: Refurbished D600's showing up already

eNo wrote:

OldschoolRu wrote:

djrocks66 wrote:

I just got 2 e-mails from Adorama and Cameta camera for the Refurbished D600. $1699 and $1679 respectively.

Did they fix the problems?

Yes, Nikon cleaned sensor ..... interesting if they wiped shutter count on them.

Clean sensor, yes. They never wipe the shutter count, though.

Changing the shutter assembly would be one reason to reset the shutter count.  According to Nikon, it may be done for other specific reasons, as well:

"... the shutter release times may be reset by firmware updates, or reset in the Service department if certain parts are replaced or other operations are performed"

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