In need of general Portrait techniques

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Re: In need of general Portrait techniques

Pasmia wrote:

Funny, I just read the same thing in a article i just found. Thanks!

BTW I'm shooting with a Lumix G3 with the 25/1.4 and 45/1.8 for portraits. For lighting, I have a Cowboy studio kit with 3 CFL softboxes (2 on stands, 1 on a boom). I also have an old Minolta flash that I use with a wireless trigger (so I don't blow up my camera!) as well as a small Metz flash that I use quite a bit.

I usually find myself shooting wide open with the CFLs because they're so dim. I use the Minolta flash to light the background, but sometimes I use it as my only light source mixed with a 5in1 reflector. The Metz with an off camera flash chord provides for creative options as well.

As you have discovered, continuous lighting isn't very useful for animate subjects - they move too often so you get blurry images.  If you want to move up to studio strobes please read my equipment guide.  I wasted money on buying cheap low quality studio strobes the first time so I wrote the guide to help others avoid my expensive mistake.

Sailorblue - Digital Photography Review - Equipment Guide for Setting up a Small Home Portrait/Glamor Studio

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