With new lens in camera correction and old nex incompatiblity are Sony killing their system?

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Canon Correction only work on Canon Lens, but new TRICK are added each time

malch wrote:

I didn't know Canon had this feature; thanks for telling us.

Kudos to Canon -- this is incredibly sensible and appears to be very well implemented.

Is is possible to obtain or create profiles for non-Canon lenses such as a Sigma with a Canon mount?

No, the in-camera-correction database is reserved only for canon lens (canon's way of "urging" you to buy their lens).  It had no effect on my Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC for example, but will correct the nasty vignetting of my Canon 17-85mm IS, and Canon 15-85mm IS.

Older camera like 50d/ Rebel T2i (550d) have a maximum 40 lens profiles.  Newer camera may have higher capacity, but 40 is plenty.  No one carry 40 canon lens on a photo shoot

Canon also introduce new In-Camera-Correction with every advancement of its image processor:

  • Digic III - add High Light Tone Priority and Auto Light Optimization (canon's bad DRO implementation), AUTO ISO, and 14-bit raw
  • Digic IV - add Peripheral Correction Lens Database (vignetting), face detection, 
  • Digic V - add Chromatic Aberration Lens Database (purple fringe)

It wouldn't surprised me canon add Lens Distortion Correction to its future DIGIC VI processor.

"IF" canon can fixed its nasty slow AF in EOS-M, a generation 2 with Digic 6 will be something to fear in the future.

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