DP1M pictures at Rockfeller center : tripod forbidden !

Started Dec 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
ChromeLight Senior Member • Posts: 2,583
Re: DP1M pictures at Rockfeller center : tripod forbidden !

Horton wrote:

Sorry. I must have missed something. Why do 'they' forbid the use of tripods?

It's private property, so they can. But from a practical point of view a tripod can block people on a busy day. It's a dumb rule. But I'm sure it's there because a few photographers probably ruined it for the rest of us by boorish behavior. I remember reading an article in last decade or so about how photographs would go into cordoned off ecologically sensitive areas of national parks because they thought they were entitled to 'get the shot' and break the rules. Dumb behavior like that ruins it for everyone else.

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