Upgraded from D7000 to D600. WOW.

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Re: Upgraded from D7000 to D600. WOW.

digitalman4242 wrote:

What a difference. Biggest improvement for me though is color and skintones. Then probably ISO/Noise. 3rd would probably be the fact I am getting less almost zero soft shots. Anyone on the fence wondering if theres much of a difference. There is.

I am really wondering if the OP who initiated this post is a Nikon employee or fan boy.    Yes, the D600 appears to be a fine camera.   However, so is the D7000.    My shots with the D7000 are sharp, contrasty with vivid colors.    I cannot imagine that the D600 is substantially superior.   Maybe the D600 is a little better in low light, but I doubt that anyone could otherwise tell the difference between the photos taken with either/each camera.  This appears to be a marketing post.    Nice try, Nikon.    Shame on you!

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