NEX-6 Apps vs. Built-in Functions

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Tom Hoots
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Re: NEX-6 Apps vs. Built-in Functions

liketotallyrandom wrote:

I recently purchased a NEX-6, and went to look at the camera apps, only to find that the three that are mildly interesting to me are very similar to functionality already built into the NEX-6. Specifically, the Multi-frame Noise Reduction app seems no different than the built-in hand-held twilight mode. The Picture Effect App seems just like the built-in picture effects. And while the Bracketing App does add focus bracketing, I'm kind of wondering why Sony is duplicating so much functionality that is already in the camera.

Well, you're greatly misunderstanding Multi-Frame Noise Reduction.

Yes, it takes six shots and combines them, like Hand-held Twilight does, but otherwise, there is a HUGE difference.  Hand-held Twilight is a Scene Mode, and you have virtually no control over any settings whatsoever.  But with Multi-Frame Noise Reduction, you can choose ALL of the settings you want, from ISO to shooting mode (P or A or S, etc.) and so on -- everything.  Personally, I don't want Hand-held Twilight's astronomically high ISO settings -- I want to see what it can do at ISO 1600 or ISO 3200, for instance.

So, Multi-Frame Noise Reduction lets you "practice photography" and get that six-shot capability, rather than settling for whatever Hand-held Twilight decides to do.

The Picture Effect app simply adds more effects, and some of them are excellent.  The Illustration effect can yield some very satisfying results, if you're into that kind of thing.

That said, I'm absolutely no fan of this "app" nonsense -- bear in mind, if you will, that most of these features are BUILT INTO the RX100, in the menus where they belong, rather than in the unintegrated "apps world."  I don't really want two different ways to pull my Picture Effects -- one in the "real" menu, and one in the "apps world."

Though, the one thing I sure would like to see would be a control to REALLY fine-tune the JPEG color output -- I mean "fine tune" it, with very tiny little adjustments.  A tweak or two here and there would let me stay with JPEG output yet still get every bit of the color I want.

Tom Hoots

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