NEX-6 Apps vs. Built-in Functions

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Re: NEX-6 Apps vs. Built-in Functions

Anybody who has Multi-frame Noise Reduction: what is indeed the difference with Handheld twilight scene mode? I used the scene mode this evening and it seemed like the exact same thing is done?

Sorry, nevermind, found by myself on the forum...

zackiedawg wrote:

As Boardsy mentioned below, it's very much like HHT mode where the camera stacks 6 frames together. The key difference for me is that MFNR mode is within the ISO settings, so it can be chosen as an ISO, then the actual ISO level to be used set to Auto, or manually from 100 to 25,600. Moreover, this mode can be used while shooting in P, A, S, or M mode, which means you maintain all controls over the camera that you wish - shutter, aperture, ISO, focus point & mode, white balance, metering area, etc. When using Hand-Held Twilight or Anti-Motion Blur modes, the camera is 100% automatic - you can't change any settings and the camera meters and focuses by default in wide mode.

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