Pop Photo camera of the year (5DIII?)

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Re: Pop Photo camera of the year (5DIII?)

onlooker wrote:

Ira Blumberg wrote:

On the other hand, if Pop Photo wanted to take into account customer support and AF problems, then at least there is a basis for considering the Canon ahead of the Nikon. But it will be a cold and snowy day in you-know-where before Pop Photo ever prints anything like that.

Sorry, just had to vent.

So, let me see if I understand. You see good reasons why it would be considered ahead of Nikon, but since Pop Photography arrived at that conclusion through different criteria, you no longer consider the conclusion valid, and you had to vent that the conclusion is wrong? Ok.

Yes, you understood me correctly. I like intellectually honest discourse.

Based on Pop Photo's stated criteria, the D800 should clearly have been the winner. If there were other, undisclosed reasons for Pop Photo's choice then it is doing its readers (at least those that take it seriously) a disservice by misleading them on the reasons for the outcome and denying them useful information.

If there were not reasons for Pop Photo's choice beyond those stated, then Pop Photo is misleading its readers by providing measurements (noise in this case) that don't reflect real world photographic results.

The above explains my frustration. I hope this is clear.

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