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I can vouch for the combo (300 f2.8 / 2x extender)

I can also vouch for the combo of the Canon 300 f2.8 and 2x extender.  I shot with that combination for a long time before I purchased a 500 f4.   I find that you can get great results with a 2x as long as the lens you mount it on is a high quality lens.  The 300/2.8 is one of the best.

I bought mine (300/2.8) for around $3,900 several years ago and watched the prices soar to around $5,000 just before the new version II came out.   Likewise, the 500/4 prices soared to around $7,000 before the version II was released.  I could sell mine any day of the week for more than I paid for it if I ever need to.  If well cared for, good lenses tend to appreciate in value; camera bodies drop just like car prices because there is always a newer model around the corner.

Wyville wrote:

dave vichich wrote:

Some of my best results have come from using a Canon 300 f2.8 i.s. with a 2X tc on a 5DMKII.

Center focus point, servo. 95% of the time handheld, 5% on a monopod.

Full frame

The crop from the above shot.

Some more with this combo

Are you looking to photograph small birds or large ones?

I'd like to say that this lens combo does work pretty well with a 7D also.

That's way more than enough.

Hope it helps.

Wonderful images!

I am currently using a 7D and 100-400L and have been thinking about getting the 400/5.6 as well. I think it would make a better combo for walking around, when I am sure I want to stick to 400mm anyway (i.e. for birds).

That said, if I had the money, I would certainly look into the 300/2.8. Especially the latest version is supposed to be superb even with the 2x TC. (But it does cost an arm and a leg, so for me a 400/5.6 is as good as it will get.)

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