5D/6D/7D Forum?

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Re: 5D/6D/7D Forum?

EvokeEmotion wrote:

Skip M wrote:

EvokeEmotion wrote:

jm67 wrote:

Michael Todd wrote:

Kind of makes sense to me.

How so? Two are "FF" and one is not.

Didn't stop DPR from grouping the 1D, 1Ds, and 5D together, did it?

The 1D and 1Ds were the same body, so questions as to their interface related where it wouldn't as far as the 5D or crop cameras.

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Skip M

I don't know what you're trying to say there, but jm67's contention that two FFs and a crop make no sense to be grouped together, but that's what DPR had done when it grouped two FFs (1Ds and 5D) and a crop (1D) until recently.

True.  However, the discussion here named the 5D/6D/7D specifically.  I don't see the relationship between these three.  Maybe DPR grouping the others together made no sense either so why would it make sense to repeat the error (if it could be called that).

In any case, I still don't see the justification for putting these three cameras into a forum together.  I pointed out an obvious difference but other than they're made by Canon and are digital SLRs, I don't see what they have in common.

The OP put an idea out there and some will like it, some won't but it's up to DPR to do what they think is appropriate and we'll live with it somehow.

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