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Re: Who the heck she is after all?

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I also haven't heard of her; I enjoy my photography as it stands, and am happy others are doing so. Whoever she is, I wish her well - I suspect her blog gets a few more hits than mine but that's OK...

This is undoubtedly a feather in Sony's cap now, but a year from now she may go with something else. One never plans to dump everything, but some times your own ideal camera comes along with the 'wrong' name on the front. It would be nice to have the resources to do such things, I did it once and who really knows if anything better came of it.

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This is her official site http://emily-tebbetts.com / Out of 23,000 applicants, she was chosen to be the photographer of Taylor Swift for one day.

And here's the Sony commercial with Taylor Swift. Emily is the woman with the camera.


People all over the world offered her job after seeing her work but she accepted to work for hit REcord.org

Just have an open mind and read her blog, why she dumped Canon Mark III for Sony A99.

So what is your point exactly? You fancy her or Taylor Swift. And you are on the mission from God.

Whatever she touches reeks of Sony ( hitrecord powered by Sony) - are you still surprised she is all over the moon with Sony. That is called LOYALTY to whoever pays. Still proves nothing about gear.

Proves nothing about the gear? Have you visited the DP review of A99, 84% Gold Award, better than Canon Mark III and D800.

She wrote a blog because of this "This caused a LOT of curiosity and questions from people wanting to know why I was switching!"

Pretty gullible. This woman won a Sony contest and went to work for a Sony owned company. Was she even on the radar before this? This is simply media sensationalism and her success was following having one the contest. Just like American Idol.

I find it funny that you're acting as if the people who don't know who she is are in the dark. I tend to think more of the people who were unaware of her than the people following that kind of drivel.

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