Re-installing a print head Epson 9600 - then no nozzle check

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Re: Re-installing a print head Epson 9600 - then no nozzle check


Indeed this was what happened.  I found another online resource that walked me through an "ink charge" or "ink changeover" for the Epson 9600.

Hold paper up and paper down buttons as well as Enter button and press power.  This will open in service mode.

The words "check test" will be visible on the display screen.

Press the down button twice.

Display will now read "cleaning".

Press right button.

Display will now read STD KKO.

Press down three times.

Display should read "intl fill".

Press (and hold) "Enter" until you hear the process activate.

At this point if you are low on any inks the fill will not run (happened to me).

The first nozzle check I ran went really well (85% clear-which for me at this point was thrilling).

I've currently regressed to 50% or so after further nozzle checks. No idea why. Seems like "charging" the lines helped a great deal.

Still moving forward.  Never knew this would be part of my journey.  Wow.

Thanks Vernon!

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