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Re: D90 New lens help

The Nikon "Lens Simulator" may help you understand what your options are:


You can also use your current 18-105mm lens to give yourself an intuitive idea of what the different focal lengths are like as you go between 18mm (a wide angle view) to 105mm (a telephoto view).

You'll likely find yourself wanting to twist the zoom past 105mm in order to get a good view of a person standing out at surfing distance. Which is where a zoom lens that goes up to 200mm or 300mm (or more) comes in. Most likely you'll want a 55-200mm or 55-300mm lens - one that zooms out to 200 or 300mm, but doesn't go wider than 55mm. (If you need to go wider than 55mm to take pictures, e.g. of surfers back on the beach, you change lenses to put the 18-105mm back on your D90.)

People may try to sell you a 18-200mm or 18-300mm lens where you pay more money for a "do it all" lens. Or they may try to sell you something like a 70-300 lens that's designed for the Nikon FX cameras. It will work just fine on your D90, with the idea that you get better quality in exchange for the lens being bigger, heavier, and higher priced. Some people find it worthwhile to go with one or the other of these options, but probably not in your case.

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