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Retouch Panel...

Well, it has been an interesting journey but I finally got the panel for dodging and burning skin working.  The "Retouch" panel that your link refers to was created for PSCS4 and it won't work in PSCS6 without making some changes.  So after I installed it with Adobe Extension Manager for PSCS6, I found the Retouch.gpc file, opened it up in Adobe Panel Configurator 3.1.1, and converted it to a Photoshop CS6 compatible file.  This got the actions and presets working but I then had to edit it in Configurator by giving the exact paths for the scripts.

It is a very useful panel and will make dodging and burning skin much easier.  Unfortunately, the video in your link that shows how to use the panel is not available and I wish I could see it in action some way.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction and if you are aware of some good tutorials on how to use this specific panel or one similar, I would appreciate it.


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