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Walter B wrote:

First off, before i get to my question, I want to say a big thank you to the members of this forum. I've been debating a new camera and have had quite a few questions. Most of them I've had answered through this forum, either from an old post started by someone else or a new one by me. I used to use Imaging-Resource for information but found them to be a bit Canon/Nikon biased (e.g., the Canon S110 was a best camera before it was even reviewed but the A77 had a great preview but they never bothered finishing the review).

Anyways, now for my question. I'm going to eventually buy a nice dedicated flash, but while I work on stashing away the cash I was looking at some kind of stopgap. I've seen the flash diffuser from Gary Fong and the Professor Something's Light Scoop, but didn't know if anyone had other suggestions, preferences or thoughts on how to soften up or bounce light with a in-body flash (and considering the non-standard hot shoe on Sony I've seen that my choices may be limited).

Thanks again!


Some flashes have diffusers that come with them. I have a Nikon SB-900 and it came with one and Olympus supplies some with theres. I also have a Gary Fong and other than a good way to store it in a camera bag I am very happy with it. I can set the white balance by using a custom setting and firing a shot through the dome part, perfect skin tones.

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