How to sharpen Fuji X jpegs?

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Re: How to sharpen Fuji X jpegs?

IrishhAndy wrote:

Starred wrote:

If I get myself a XE1, I want my pictures to look sharp when viewed on my ipad3, as the pictures of my EM5 have a sharp look and I dont want to loose that

Since most of the Fuji owners use jpeg (because of the obvious lack of adequate raw support):

What procedure/tools would you recommend to downsize and sharpen X-E1 jpeg files to look great and sharp on an ipad3?

You will probably have difficulty as the sensor has not been developed in tandem with the software. Perhaps you could use the high pass filter as a band aid till the software guys figure out the sensor. As for downsizing it will be pot luck if the algorithms are matched to a non bayer sensor.

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This is not correct, at all. By the time you are working with a jpg image, it's just pixels—not raw data that needs interpolation. A jpg from a Fuji, one from a Canon, and one from a Nikon walked into a bar. The bartender was happy to serve them all. There is no "bayer" or "non bayer" jpg. There are just jpgs.

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