Micro 4/3 and te two kit lenses for long term use.

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Re: Disagree 100%!

CkBernie wrote:

You buy a lens interchangeable camera not because you see the potential that this camera can be use with different different lenses, but for the sag of the functionality of the camera body?

If you can find a compact camera with lens with the quality as good as the one you use (the one you mentioned you never change it's lens), you won't buy and use it? You will still choose the one with interchangeable lens? If yes, what is the reason of this?


I am not really sure what you are trying to say. I would buy an interchangeable lens camera because I believe thatI could take better pictures with it, and the better lenses could also take better pictures. I do not find the P&S cameras that I have used to have the quality I want out of my pictures. People like hooks, changing lenses and the look of the PEN cameras is a hook to me, its like people buying cars, some people just see the red one, and they want it. I have worked in the automobile industry a lot, and some people just don't buy the Sedan that gets better MPG and has more space. They see the Red coupe and that is what they buy. And they drive the car and love it, even though the two kids have to squeeze into the back. But its the dads car, mom has the minivan so why can't dad get the coupe right.

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