Semi-automatic assault-style rifle used by killer in CT

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Re: After 9/11...

Chato wrote:

Many on this an other threads have reacted with horror to the idea that School personal be armed.

Yet four planes were hijacked on 9/11 by men armed with box cutters. If the pilots had been armed, they would have made short work of those religious fanatics, and there ​would have been no 9/11.

This simple concept of arming pilots was opposed by ​some​ of the same people who now think that arming those in schools is a foolish idea.

Yet common sense prevailed, Pilots now ​are armed​ and there have been no plane hijackings ever since.

Don't forget the locked cockpit doors and the air marshals.

In todays America, even as gun violence has dramatically dropped, mass murders have risen.

This mass murder scenario is caused by our nation embracing insanity, and to blame guns, even as gun violence goes down is a part of the problem.

Certain types of guns are not helping.

We ban shoulder fired ground to air missiles (SAMS).... they are too dangerous...why not ban some very lethal rifles?

We have to deal with the cause of gun violence - And until that is done, people should accept the necessity of being armed.

No matter what kind of ban occurs, it's not going to eliminate the 250 million weapons in America

​That's the reality of America, and even if it WAS a good idea to eliminate them, it ain't gonna happen!

Of course it's not, but we can restrict combat type semiautomatic rifles and we will reduce the killings done by these mass murderers.  People's attitudes are already changing.

Armed guards in our schools would help, but what's next... armed movie theater ushers?

These mass killers will find targets....buses, trains.... crowded streets....we cannot live in an armed makes no sense.


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