SX50 Sunny Sunday Shots

Started Dec 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: SX50 Sunny Sunday Shots

Nice photos.

The Horned Lark (Shore Lark to me in the UK) brought home a very useful point about the SX50.  When I first got this camera I promised myself I would use it in the same way as my DSLR, without pushing it.  So what do I do - keep trying it on subjects as far away as possible. The camera gives me nice results, some closer and good photos and some distant bird record shots.  The below shot was taken at about 100 yards at 1200mm and 1.5tc, handheld.   Not a good photo but I am happy that this sort of shot gives me a very good I.D for my bird records and it does show all the criteria to prove it is a Great White Egret (uncommon in the UK), known as Great Egret in the Americas.

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