Some shots from the Voigtländer 17.5

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Re: Some shots from the Voigtländer 17.5

Thanks everybody!

The lens (or camera) don't take the pictures, I happily agree.

@spacenegroes: Critique is welcome! I certainly want to avoid flat looking pictures where the highlights and shadows are pushed too hard. I will have a another look at them. When it comes to "Smoke..." I was at the stage where I was fascinated with just how much highlight/shadow detail can be recovered in the raw files of the E-M5 with Lightroom, and quite gracefully too. And detail is addictive. I was probably overdoing it. "A Traveller" isn't pushed as hard, the sunshine there is weaker than it may seem. But I see what you are getting at.

@since1968: The RX1 certainly is tempting for its weight and size. But for me it's too expensive right now, and the E-M5/Voight-combo does have a couple of advantages of its own, the aperture and stabilization mean better low light perfomance, and it has a viewfinder. And with the battery grip I think it handles very well.

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