Any reason to look at M8

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Re: Any reason to look at M8

Without question, the M8 is a great and much under-rated camera. I bought mine not long after the camera launched, and was blown away by its outstanding sharpness, natural colour, and 3 dimensional tonality. I still think it's among the best cameras out there for IQ, and actually prefer its' colour rendition to that of the M9! I've compared my M8 to full-frame cameras like the D700/D800, Canon's 5D/I and II, plus various 1Ds models, and Sony's a900, and the M8 easily holds its own. Indeed, M8 files typically look sharper and the colours are somehow both more vibrant and more natural. I also own the GXR with M module, and an XE-1 with Fuji's M adaptor, and (at base ISO in good light) the M8 delivers superior results. I'd agree the M8 is not so good at higher ISOs, and you can get IR colour shifts even with the IR Cut filter in place. Also, you need to shoot RAW and process in Capture One for best results. Having recently compared my M8 against three different M9s, I'm not tempted to 'upgrade'. However, the new 'M' with Live View is another matter!

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