Huge group shot, looking for feedback on ideas.

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Re: I'm puzzled

BAK wrote:

>>Why would you use a telephoto lens to photograph a group of people you want to communicate with when setting up the shot? Why stand far away and shout?

I wouldnt consider the 24-70 a telephoto lens, i'd say its more a medium or normal lens.  The only wide angle lens i have is the sigma 10-20 and there is too much distortion on that one...

>>What's the deliverable? Figure that out, and then shape the group to fill the frame, so every face is as big as possible.

The deliverable is a digital file, but finally it'd be a large print on someone's wall.

>>Remember that an 8x10 print requires blank space at either edge, because a frame enlarges to 8x12.

I'll have to remember to leave some breathing room on the sides.

>>Why in the world would you focus on the front row? That meansyou wastge depth of field in front, and limit depth of field behind. >>Her's a depth of field calculator for you: >>

This is the DoF calculator i used.

Lets say i'm at 24mm and 10' away and can fit everyone in the frame.  At f/5.6 i've got 14.6' behind the focus point.  you're telling me i cant fit three rows of people in 14'?  And if i focus on the middle row, that only gives me 3.7' infront of my plane.  I could more easily see someone being out of focus that way...

Since you seem to know alot about this topic, what would you do?  You've got a D7000, (2) 7' stands, a 18-200mm, 35, 50, 85 (primes) and a 24-70.  You've got two cheap manual flashes and a SB700 with two shoot through umbrellas. (and dont cheat and gloss over any details!)

>>Sionce you want to shoot from the next county with a telephoto lens, bring a whistle. If you decide to come closer, often a squeaky toy works well to get the kids' attention and make the adults smile.

Again, is the 24-70 really a telephoto lens?  If so, what does that make the 70-200?  I really dont have any other option.

>>Yes, get up high. If this is really a farm, I guarantee there's a way of getting six geet into the air, and ten would be better.

There's prob a bench to use somewhere...

>>Get 30 cents and a sheet of paper the size of your final prints, and slide the money around to get an idea of framing, and therefore an idea of posing.

I'll try that out on a 24x36 print...

Thanks for the detailed responce.

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